Because of Jesus Shawn is Not Afraid, and so much more….

November 11, 2011


It’s week five in the “Because of Jesus” series. Shawn Boreta, my beautiful online friend, shares her encouraging story. My first thought, “I am not afraid, because of Jesus.” Then my mind reeled in so many directions, I thought narrowing it down would be impossible, yet all things are possible because of Jesus. Then I […]

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Pumpkin Bread: a 5 Star Recipe

November 9, 2011


I shop for great recipes at I love the site because in one glance, I can see if it’s been rated highly and by how many people. This 5 star recipe has over 1000 ratings and it’s simple. So I was sold. I made it for the LSU vs. Alabama game night and for […]

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a Prayer for Someone Who is Struggling

November 7, 2011


Early Sunday morning, I searched the internet for prayers for friends who are struggling. I found great wisdom straight from scripture that taught me how to intercede for them. (amazing!) We can pray verses of the Bible over people and know that we are asking in unison with what God wants for His children. — […]

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Because of Jesus: Someone Knocked on Louanne’s Door

November 4, 2011


Week Four of  the “Because of Jesus” blog series is by one of my dear friends, Louanne Dietrich. Her “Jesus story” inspires me to keep asking. I can’t wait for you to read it! On a Saturday, June 1996 my doorbell rang.  Two men stood there, and one said some things that I don’t remember […]

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How a Relationship with God Starts

November 2, 2011


I’m on a an adventure. I’m asking God to help me grasp all that it means to have a relationship with him. I want to “see” it from His perspective – without my pride, distortions of the truth I created, etc. The following quote from Oswald Chambers really helped me and I wanted to share […]

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Choosing to Surrender

November 1, 2011


Our parents teach us to make decisions on our own. They encourage us to make goals and achieve them. So we are trained to have a plan and expect that plan to work. That is how life works. We have a plan and move forward. And we feel secure that our plans will work. And […]

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Because of Jesus: I Risk Loving Others

October 28, 2011


Welcome to week 3 in the Because of Jesus blog series. This series aims to keep our minds on the difference Jesus’ power and love creates in our lives. Enjoy today’s post from my dear friend and sister Louisiana College alum, Angie Battle. “Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in […]

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