Julie is Alive …. Because of Jesus

Posted on November 17, 2011


Welcome to week 6 of the Because of Jesus series. Today’s post is from a wonderful lady I’ve met online and come to call friend. Last year I had the privilege of hearing Julie speak at a women’s conference in person. Her very life is a testimony of the power of Jesus. Enjoy!

Because of Jesus I am alive. Yes. It’s true. ALIVE! You see, I owe Jesus EVERYTHING!

I think I entered this world fighting. No. Not physically but emotionally and spiritually. It seemed as if the enemy painted a huge red target on my life and shot arrows at me constantly in an attempt to destroy it.

My early childhood was filled with an Alcoholic father and abuse of every kind. As a result, I never felt loved. I questioned my existence. I made horrible choices and sought after love with all the wrong men. Regrettably, I married early, in hopes of encountering love’s embrace. Instead, at 28, I divorced; unfortunately my knight in shining armor had a semi-trailer hitched behind him filled with his own unresolved baggage.

Not a great start to life, eh?

But, amidst all the heartache, Jesus stood. At every wrong decision, Jesus lovingly drew me back. When I wished for my death, Jesus patiently comforted. When I hurled accusations, Jesus lovingly embraced. When I wanted to end my life, Jesus intervened. When others saw nothing, Jesus called me His.

One night, at the edge of a bar, I intended to drink myself into oblivion. But, instead, Jesus came searching for me. His Spirit lovingly filled my mind with these words “Julie, there is no where you can run that my grace won’t find you still.” And, in that moment…for the first time in my life…I understood what grace really was. And, Jesus’ love forever changed me. His whisper of love and grace lifted the heavy weights of condemnation and failure. His Spirit intervened at a crucial moment and caused me to truly understand the depths of His love and the relentlessness of His grace. Jesus grace totally rocked my world and gave me a new life. Today, I am head over heels in love with HIM.

Jesus taught me how to truly love, forgive, and live life to its fullest. Jesus restored my hope and filled me with NEW dreams—HIS dreams. Because of Jesus, I laugh.

Everything the enemy used to destroy, Jesus redeemed. I have an amazing husband who adores me and whom I adore. Three beautiful children fill my days with laughter and love. Jesus took all my brokenness and whispered “Everything you thought disqualified you will be the very platform from which you stand.” Today…I get to share Jesus tremendous love. It’s because of Him that I am alive. It’s because of Jesus, I live. I truly owe Jesus everything!

Julie Gorman has the  privilege of ministering with Women Inspired, Christian Women’s Affiliate, and am the founder of His Love Extended. Whether writing, hosting Blog Talk Radio Broadcasts, or speaking nationally/internationally at conferences, I’m committed to binding up the broken hearted and empowering and equipping believers to “Discover, Develop, and Do Their God-given Passion.”

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