Because of Jesus Shawn is Not Afraid, and so much more….

Posted on November 11, 2011


It’s week five in the “Because of Jesus” series. Shawn Boreta, my beautiful online friend, shares her encouraging story.

Shawn Boretta, author of Giving Thanks Daily
My first thought, “I am not afraid, because of Jesus.” Then my mind reeled in so many directions, I thought narrowing it down would be impossible, yet all things are possible because of Jesus. Then I prayed and prayed some more – and there is the answer right there. Because of Jesus, I am not afraid to live and experience living. Because of Jesus, I am not afraid to accept forgiveness or to give forgiveness to others, especially myself. Because of Jesus, I am not afraid to change. Because of Jesus, I have access to unlimited strength, power and courage with the gift of the Holy Spirit.

When I am unsure, I pray. When I am baffled, I pray. When I am confused, I pray. Everything I do is prayer. My life, my thoughts, my deeds and my intentions and all of my life is interceded for continually.

Because of Jesus my life is one of unending gifts. Gift upon gift, beginning with the ultimate gift of salvation from a mighty God, through the blood of our savior – and yet, there is even more, we get a helper too – God became man, died as man and became our King, whom we not only bow down to but whom we possess within our hearts as well. Glorifying Him from within and all through my life.

God has given me an amazing gift, and that is being thankful and encouraging others… but the real secret is knowing why I am thankful and that in itself will encourage me.

Because of Jesus, I can face everything that this world delivers, because Jesus was delivered! He died for me because He loved me first. He is coming back because He loves me always.© 2011 Shawn Boreta

Shawn blogs at Giving Thanks Daily where she reminds us with her life that every day is a gift … unwrap it with care and accept it with sincere gratitude, and remember to share what is so freely given. Connect with her on Facebook too.
What about you….. what’s your “Because of Jesus, I am …………..” story?

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